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Collaboration with Materialise and Cr3do selected for the ITEA Award of Excellence for Innovation

We have been collaborating with Materialise and Cr3do to create an AM knowledge base that can assist in all major AM steps. The success of this collaboration has led to the project being selected for the ITEA Award of Excellence 2023 for Innovation.

Our team won the Best Industry Paper Award at the IEEE Conference on Prognostics and Health Management

Our award-winning paper, titled "Multi-view Contextual Performance Profiling in Rotating Machinery," introduces an innovative unsupervised approach for asset performance profiling. The proposed methodology addresses the challenge of accurately estimating an asset's performance by considering the varying contexts to which industrial assets are exposed during operation.

Sir Adas' series: The invisible war against women

We have not done a lot of SirAdas blogging recently. The workload has taken the upper hand in our daily lives and then there was the insane war in Ukraine. History repeating again … few machos showing off with power and weapons. And as always, the victims are mostly women and children. However, there is another war which has been ongoing for centuries, namely the invisible violence against women.

Giving circular economy a boost by improving refurbishment process of household appliances

A small part of discarded household appliances that are now shredded could be reused or refurbished, or their components reused in the refurbishing process. Refurnished household appliances can offer people in energy poverty an alternative to energy-consuming appliances. Through advanced data analytics and cognitive and assistive operator support the efficiency of the refurbishing process can be increased.

Interview 3E and EluciDATA Lab in the framework of the campaign "AI to boost your SME" by the FPS Economie

In the framework of the campaign "Artificial Intelligence to boost your SME" by the FPS Economie, the EluciDATA Lab shared its experience with the company 3E in an interview.

Sir Adas' series: Ada Lovelace, the first programmer

Programming is for men! Withroughly 23 %1female workers in the IT sector in Belgium, this assumption seems to suggest itself. And still, the first person ever regarded to be a programmer was a woman namelyAda Lovelaceback in 1843.

Is traffic volume correlated to Covid-19 infections?

This blog is inspired by a quote of virologist Steven Van Gucht in Het Journaal on December 9: “... what is striking is that we move more often... and we know that that is a pretty good prediction of the future number of new infections." Since vehicle counts data is closely connected to people’s movements, it is worthwhile to investigate whether Steven Van Gucht’s statement is valid, i.e., how well traffic intensity correlates with Covid-19 infections.

Sir Adas' series: Women cannot play chess!

It is Corona times and there is not much to do in the evenings. Thus, we bought a Netflix subscription some months ago and The Queen’s Gambit was one of the first things we enjoyed. The celebrated drama series is telling the story of the genius female chess player, wining all games against men - not many women in the game in the 1960s. Of course, she could only do this thanks to her drug and alcohol dependency. No woman can beat a man in an intellectual game without some help from outside, right!

Three new thematic ICON projects on AI.

The EluciDATA Lab of Sirris successfully initiates three new thematic ICON projects on AI

Run-up in Brussels Traffic Towards the 2nd Covid-19 Peak

In this fourth of a series of blogs concerning the traffic situation in Brussels in times of Covid-19 restrictions, we bring an update of the development of the traffic by comparing it with pre-Covid-19 outbreak times. For the first time we got access to more than two years of historical data before Covid-19 restrictions, which enables us to extract even more insights than we could before.

Sir Adas' series: No laws can empower women career-wise without an adequate social system!

I once had a very frightening, and at the same time weird, experience in Edinburgh. In the beginning of the nineties, I was on a short study visit in the Department of Computer Science. I hardly knew anybody there and my English was far from fluent. One evening, at the end of a movie night, a Brazilian colleague left me behind alone at some bus stop. By the time I realised I took the wrong bus, it was already driving in the darkness somewhere outside of Edinburgh.

EluciDATA Lab involved in TRAIL (Trusted AI Labs) – Walloon initiative to foster research and collaboration around AI

TRAIL is an overall structure, which aims at fostering collaboration and research around AI in Wallonia and Brussels between universities and research centers in line with regional policies.

Unravelling volume patterns of Brussels traffic in times of Covid-19

This is the second in a series of blogs, in the context of the MISTic project. In this second blog, we focus on the evolution of traffic during the relaxations of the restrictions, and on providing answers to

Insightful blueprints of Brussels traffic emerge in times of covid-19

In the context of the MISTic project, the EluciDATA Lab of Sirris started in the beginning of 2020 to gather publicly available data of the traffic in Brussels. At that moment, we did not have the slightest suspicion that the escalation of the corona epidemic will deliver a unique real-world dataset for our research. We are happy to share some of our very preliminary findings in this blog. More to follow in the upcoming weeks.

How process modelling & data science will enhance your food processing business

On 11/06, the EluciDATA Lab will be giving a presentation on how process modelling anddata science can support companies active in the food processing business to enhance their business. In particular, it will be shown how modelling goes beyond the process and can include applications for understanding and optimizing the food process and the food supply chain and for performing a life cycle analysis.With this presentation, companies will get insights into how to start a data science project and get inspired via real-world cases from the food processing sector.

Flanders AI Forum on 23/01/2020

On January 23rd, Agoria, Voka, imec and Sirris with the support of VLAIO organized the first Flanders AI Forum withthe presence of Hilde Crevits, Viceminister-president, Vlaams minister van Economie, Innovatie, Werk, Social economie en Landbouw, to present different initiatives in the framework of the AI impulsprogramme.

The Small Ring of Brussels is Getting Gradually Cured (i.e. back to normal stagnated traffic) from Covid-19

This is the third in a series of blogs, in the context of the MISTic project. This blog we zoom into the traffic situation of the small ring of Brussels since the beginning of the restrictions until now, guided by some elucidating visual analytics.