STUNT - diSTributed product Usage aNalyTics

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assessment platform tailored for physiotherapy and sports market, decision support, high-frequency multi-source time series data

Project description

Many companies operate large groups of complex, geographically-distributed assets. These are ever more instrumented and connected and their usage and performance data is captured continuously. Current applications exploiting that data do not consider the inherent distributed aspects and the associated challenges it provokes: intermittent connectivity, storage limitations, extreme variation in field use, centralized analysis models, etc. STUNT targets distributed product usage analytics: a multi-layered architecture, based on an innovative blend of IoT, cloud and edge computing concepts, enables resource-efficient capturing of data at the asset level, opportunistic data transfer to hierarchical upper levels and distributed data analysis across these levels. This enables opportunities with significant industrial relevance, as extensive insights and advanced means of support can be offered across the distributed network. The realized technologies will be demonstrated through industrial prototypes in the context of asset management of off-road and special-purpose vehicles in mobile operations.

Project details

Start date: 01/03/2019

End date: 28/02/2022

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