Supporting industry in data innovation projects

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We support industry in realising their data innovation projects.

To inspire companies we have developped two specific tools: 

  • the AI Starter Kit platform: that generalizes and distils the AI needs of specific industrial use cases, which provide a source of inspiration for companies to bootstrap their AI endeavor. 
  • the FleetACE platform: that allows companies to get insights into the behaviour and performance of their fleet of assets.

To help companies in developping their own data innovation project, we: 

  • provide support for identifying companies' data-driven innovation opportunities and challenges

  • support companies in assessing the suitability and relevance of their data for their business goals

  • realize a prototype data science solution for their business goals using representative sample data

  • help companies to align their data processing activities with legislative regulation

  • summarize the state-of-the-art and help companies make motivated technological choices

  • augment their team with a data expert that acts as a soundboard for interacting with technical partners & people