R&D Project Incubator

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Why: you know you can get financial support from the government to investigate further your data-driven innovation challenges, but you are confronted with the complexity of different funding programs, you don’t know how to prepare the proposal, where to find relevant partners, what to write in a valorisation plan, ...

What: we initiate R&D projects aligned with your interests and challenges


  • Opportunity spotting: we scout for relevant funding calls and interesting project opportunities in (inter)national R&D frameworks
  • Project idea forming & pitching: we identify collective challenges, formulate innovation goals and pitch project ideas in our network
  • Consortium building: we recruit, engage and compose a complementary industrial consortium from our (international) partner network
  • Proposal preparation management: we coordinate proposal preparation, e.g. concept development, work plan elaboration, valorisation plan review, ...
  • Proposal review: we review proposals w.r.t evaluation  criteria to judge eligibility, identify shortcomings and suggest possibilities for improvement


  • Completed proposal: A submitted R&D proposal, including
    • state-of-the-art overview
    • concept and objectives beyond the state-of-the-art
    • technological work plan
    • business case and valorisation plan
  • Review report: a formal document reviewing a funding proposal in light with the criteria to be used by the funding body deciding on approval