Proof-of-Concept Realization

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Why: before you embark on an expensive, time-consuming trajectory, you want to investigate the feasibility of realizing a data science solution based on your data, but you currently lack the necessary skills and expertise

What: we realize a prototype data science solution for your business goals using representative sample data


  • Feature engineering: we perform feature engineering (incl. feature construction and selection)
  • Reference data solution:
    • we define a methodology and identify and select relevant analysis and modelling algorithms
    • we evaluate the results of applying it on a reference dataset
  • Visualization dashboards: we provide prototype dashboards that visually represent the analysis results w.r.t. the business goals


  • Feature engineering report: a detailed technical document containing a description of the selected features, an explanation of the methodology and an overview of the achieved results
  • Proof-of-concept implementation: a reference prototype implementation demonstrating
    • the analysis and modelling methodology that you can use on similar (future) data, using open source tools
    • several data analytics dashboards with advanced visualizations