Business Potential Survey

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Why: you have clearly identified data-driven business goals and have access to data, but you wonder whether this data really has the potential to help you realize your business goals

What: we support you in assessing the suitability and relevance of your data for your business goals


  • Data exploration: we explore your data via numerical and visual means to
    • assess the quality, suitability and relevance of your data for your goals
    • outline first findings and build hypotheses
  • Data preparation: we prepare (clean, normalize, standardize, aggregate, integrate, ...) your data for further analysis
  • Data methodology selection: we identify a set of methods and techniques for subsequent data analysis and modelling
  • Starter kit: we provide you access to our starter kit repository that illustrates how to apply these methods and techniques in practice


  • Data exploration report: a detailed document with conclusions, insights, hypotheses, guidelines and recommendations on how to utilize your data for your business goals
    • identified patterns, trends and hypotheses
    • selection of modelling and analysis algorithms
    • recommendations for additional data capturing, e.g. possible integration of 3rd party data
  • Reference dataset: a high-quality reference dataset that you can use for further experimentation
    • relevant instances and attributes, appropriate data format, cleaned, aggregated & complete, sufficient coverage, ...
  • Data preparation toolkit: a documented prototype of the data preparation methodology that you can use on similar (future) data
    • using open source tools