Business Opportunity Spotting

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Why: all companies seem to be working on data, and you want to better understand what data can mean for your company, e.g. whether it is relevant for you to start gathering data, whether you can exploit in more advanced ways the data you already have, how data can impact your business model, etc.

What: we provide support for identifying your data-driven innovation opportunities and challenges


  • Interactive workshops: we organize a series of interactive workshops to discover data-driven goals with high business potential, translate them into realizable data science solutions and identify associated challenges
  • Use case knowledge base: we provide you with access to our knowledge base with scenario’s, use cases and business cases for inspiration (demonstrator tree)


  • Innovation plan: a report consisting of a list of clearly defined innovation goals and measurable success criteria (that can be embedded in innovation projects)
  • Use case definition: a description of representative use cases and associated requirements (data, model, legislation, ...) including a technically detailed list of potential data science solutions