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Run-up in Brussels Traffic Towards the 2nd Covid-19 Peak
In this fourth of a series of blogs concerning the traffic situation in Brussels in times of Covid-19 restrictions, we bring an update of the development of the traffic by comparing it with pre-Covid-19 outbreak times. For the first time we got access to more than two years of historical data before Covid-19 restrictions, which enables us to extract even more insights than we could before.
TRAIL is an overall structure, which aims at fostering collaboration and research around AI in Wallonia and Brussels between universities and research centers in line with regional policies. In the last months, the EluciDATA Lab has been involved in the definition of this partnership and its...
The Small Ring of Brussels is Getting Gradually Cured from Covid-19
This is the third in a series of blogs, in the context of the MISTic project. This blog we zoom into the traffic situation of the small ring of Brussels since the beginning of the restrictions until now, guided by some elucidating visual analytics.
On 11/06, the EluciDATA Lab will be giving a presentation on how process modelling and data science can support companies active in the food processing business to enhance their business. In particular, it will be shown how modelling goes beyond the process and can include applications for...
This is the second in a series of blogs, in the context of the MISTic project. In this second blog, we focus on the evolution of traffic during the relaxations of the restrictions, and on providing answers to questions such as “What is the effect from each relaxation of the restrictions on the Brussels traffic?” and “Do people consistently obey the restrictions?”.