The power of fleet-based analytics

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The EluciDATA Lab is currently focusing on the topic of fleet-based analytics via several research projects and creating awareness via dedicated seminars. Soon the lab will also launch a dedicated platform for fleet-based analysis, to support companies in adopting a fleet-based data-driven approach.

The true potential of fleet-based analytics is still unknown to many companies. Many companies realise data is important, are equipping their assets with sensors and communication technologies, and aim to exploit the data they gather in this way. In a first step, this is typically focused on analysing single assets in order to monitor proper machine operation or diagnose failures after they have occurred. However, taking into account the fact that assets operate in a fleet opens up even more interesting opportunities. For this reason, the Data and AI Competence Lab of Sirris (EluciDATA Lab) is currently focusing on this topic via several research projects such as HYMOPBitWind and FleetAId and creating awareness via dedicated seminars, such as the seminar on fleet-based analytics for data-driven operation and maintenance optimisation in December 2018.  

Seminar with real-word cases

On 13 December, the Data and AI Competence Lab of Sirris organised the third edition of the seminar “fleet-based analytics for data-driven operation and maintenance optimisation”. Via presentations of real-world use cases, participants got to know how a fleet-based data-driven approach can optimise the operation and maintenance of a fleet of machines. Highlights included an industrial and academic keynote. The former was Przemyslaw Jakub Gromala (Robert Bosch GmbH) who described prognostics and health management of safety relevant electronics for future application in autonomous driving. The latter was Michael Borth (TNO-ESI) who reported successful stories of fleet analytics and the next steps in research and practice. Finally, the seminar included also the presentation of a fleet-based method for estimating the remaining useful life realised by the Sirris EluciDATA Lab.

Perhaps you missed this opportunity or you did not know that it might be relevant for your company?

Is a fleet-based data-driven approach relevant for you?

Are you managing and/or operating large groups of complex industrial assets, such as wind turbines, utility vehicles, production lines or electronic devices? Are these assets similar in kind, but are they used in different conditions, by different people, for different purposes? Then you might want to consider a fleet-based data-driven approach for optimising their operation and maintenance.

Are you interested in trying a fleet-based data-driven analysis?

The Data and AI Competence Lab of Sirris will soon launch a lightweight platform that allows you to apply our toolbox of fleet-aware algorithms on your own datasets, providing you with initial insights into the operational behaviour of your fleet of assets.

If you are already interested and would like to know more, you can find all information here.

Do you want to know more about our projects?

Maybe one of the projects we initiated with our industrial partners will inspire you:

  • Hymop: optimisation of asset maintenance, maximisation of industrial assets availability and output quality.
  • BitWind: asset underperformance and remaining useful life of components of offshore wind turbines.
  • FleetAId: performance enhancement of photovoltaic plants.

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