EluciDATA Lab organises first innovation brokerage

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The EluciDATA Community is a community of research and industrial partners with a shared interest in data innovation and AI. It allows its members to network with peers and stay up-to-date with emerging technologies and R&D projects. On 23 April we will organise our first innovation brokerage, which is specifically dedicated to supporting the conception and launch of new R&D initiatives.

Highlights of this event include:

  • the presentation of the AI Impulse Programme, an initiative by the Flemish government to stimulate R&D in artificial intelligence
  • a testimonial by RSscan, an innovative company offering solutions for plantar pressure measurement and analysis, that will share its experiences and underline the opportunities related to participation in collaborative R&D projects
  • the presentation of emerging themes, such as prognostics and health monitoring of electronic systems, data-driven process optimisation, …

What are the opportunities of participating in R&D projects?

1. Access to new customers, new markets, new partners, …

European industrial R&D projects, such as the ones funded within the ECSELITEAPENTAEURIPIDES, etc. programmes, involve collaboration with partners from different countries. This opens up opportunities to work together on a given topic and to build up a trustful relationship in a formal framework, which can be the foundation for future fruitful cooperation (for example in a supplier-customer relationship). 
Participation in collaborative R&D projects offers problem owners the opportunity to engage in collaborative R&D with relevant stakeholders, e.g. other problem owners focusing on similar problems in the same or different context settings and technology providers offering relevant tools and solutions. Furthermore, it allows one to evaluate the potential and feasibility of technological solutions through the development and validation of realistic proof-of-concepts.
For technology providers, participation in collaborative R&D projects can be an opportunity to explore new markets and acquire new customers.

2. Business and R&D objectives can easily be fit into a collaborative R&D project

European R&D projects often have a broad scope, encompass several application domains (manufacturing, energy, well-being, mobility, health etc.) and are very open towards the potential technological solutions. As a problem owner you will certainly recognize yourself in one of the application domains mentioned above. As a technology provider, this offers you the possibility to apply your innovative technology in various application domains.

Nevertheless, it can sometimes be difficult for ‘newcomers’ (especially SMEs) to find the right programme, to get involved in already existing project proposals, to find the right partners and understand the application process. This is where we can help and support you.

Do you want to find partners to collaborate on your innovative project idea related to data innovation and AI? Do you want to present your innovative technology? Request to join the EluciDATA Community and attend the the kick-off of the EluciDATA Community and our first brokerage event!