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Insights into the behaviour and performance of your fleet of assets


FleetAce is a web platform that provides insights into the behaviour of your fleet of assets

The analyses we perform include, but are not limited to:

  • Assess the quality of your data, e.g. how much data is missing, are there any obvious outliers?

  • Analyse the behaviour of the fleet, e.g. do individual assets or the fleet as a whole suffer from significant underperformance or downtime?

  • Benchmark individual assets w.r.t. to the fleet, e.g. what is the contribution of each individual asset to fleet performance?

  • Detect anomalies, e.g. do my assets behave as expected?

  • Identify groups of assets that behave similarly in similar conditions, e.g. are there groups of assets with similar behavior in similar conditions?

The presentation below gives you a preview on the performed analysis





missing_data_profile.png Asset relative contribution

For whom?

Any party that is operating a fleet of assets and that wants detailed and verified insights into its operational behaviour

Solar panels


Wind turbines

What is required?

All you have to do is upload your data. You will then receive a report (your data and the report are kept confidential). Our experts can provide also customized analyses that satisfy your specific requests.


The portal is being developed in the context of several R&D projects, e.g. Hymop, BitWindFleetAid, dealing with intelligent exploitation of data collected from a portfolio of industrial assets. The development of the portal has been driven by a multitude of very diverse use cases contributed by some of our industrial partners as: