Webinar "What is AI and what can you do with it"?

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Thanks to recent developments by major technology companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook on applications such as machine translation, speech recognition, operational optimization and object recognition, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a new trend. However, its true potential for smaller players and especially SMEs is often still unclear to them. It can for example enable to profile products and customers, to optimize production processes, forecast sales & visits to one’s website, predict failures of machines…

On the other side, recent example by these major technology companies …often introduce the belief that realizing an AI solution is very easy, by simply applying a machine learning algorithm to a data set. AI is much more than that.  

In this webinar, we will explain what AI is, how it works, what the requirements and challenges of using a solution based on AI are and present some tools that can support SMEs in some aspects of their own data science project. The webinar will be illustrated via real-world examples. 

This webinar is organized in the framework of the Futures by Design project, which aims at supporting non-research oriented SMEs to adopt data innovation. In Belgium, this project is focusing on the regions of Antwerp and East Flanders and the sectors of health technologies, light engineering and agri-technologies.

Important: this project mainly targets SMEs that have not yet any experience with data science (or are at a very early stage of their data journey) and are exploring the possibilities of using data science/AI to solve a specific business problem/challenge

The project gives companies access to:

free in-depth seminars/webinars:

  • to better understand the tools provided within the project (data cleansing, data ethics, data maturity scan…)
  • to help them formulate and discuss their own data innovation project

Within this project, SMEs will get support in the ideation phase and access to tools and information that can put them on the right track and potentially lead to improving their growth and productivity.

Participants will be asked upfront to fill in a small questionnaire to assess their data maturity level. 

Preliminary agenda (the webinar will be in English):

  • 14:00 – 14:45: What is Data Science and what can you do with it? – Dr. Tom Tourwé, Technical Lead Data Innovation, EluciDATA Lab by Sirris
  • 14:45 – 15:00: What is the Futures by Design project about? How can the project support you? Which tools are already available to support you? – Caroline Mair, Customer Relationship and Project Management Officer, EluciDATA Lab by Sirris
  • 15:00 – 15:30: Q&A

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