Understanding what artificial intelligence (AI) is about

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The development, availability and affordability of highly performing computers and storage units has led to a boost in artificial intelligence (AI) and the creation of new, advanced applications, such as image and speech recognition, failure prediction, recommendation, etc. This advent has had a massive impact on our society and revolutionised the way industries, companies and organisations run their services. However, the true potential of AI is often misunderstood, leading to an under-exploitation of its capabilities. 
On the other side, commercially available AI solutions often introduce the belief that realising an AI solution is easy and straightforward and that insights can be delivered by simply feeding data to their solution. Yet, AI is much more than that.

In this course, we will explain what AI is and what it is not. We will explore the potential of AI and walk through the different steps of an AI project from a technical and non-technical perspective, focusing on what needs to be taken into account in order to ensure that the project is successful. Finally, we will also cover ethical, privacy and security considerations that should be taken into account when designing and conducting an AI project.

The event will be followed by a networking lunch.

Target audience

This session is open to anyone who wishes to gain general knowledge about AI and understand how it works. No technical background is needed to attend this session.

For participants with a technical background and interest in getting more insights into some specific aspects of AI and Data Science, we recommend having a look at the more advanced sessions of our mastercourse portfolio.

The working language for this session is English.


The participation fee for this event is € 275.


General terms

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