Towards a digital servitisation business model and its impact on the organisation

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€575,00 p.p.

The goal of this workshop is to introduce companies to possible business models for extending their physical product with digital services, and how this impacts their organisation.

The revenue model of digital servitisation, in which physical products are enhanced with digital services, offers product builders a wide range of new opportunities. It opens up possibilities for cost reductions, offers access to new (recurring) revenue sources and forms the basis for new product-related features. However, this transition to offering a digital service alongside the physical product also presents new challenges. Next to the technological hurdles that need to be taken, it also impacts the business model and a number of organisational aspects.

The aim of this workshop is to give companies an overview of possible business models to extend their product with a digital service offering, illustrated by means of several real-world cases. Also the factors influencing the choice space for selecting the appropriate business model will be discussed, as well as the impact on a number of organisational aspects that needs to be taken into account when transitioning to a digital servitisation business model.


  • Brief introduction to digital servitisation: what, why and why now?
  • Overview of possible business models, illustrated by real-world cases
  • Influencing factors in choosing the appropriate business model
  • Impact on the organisation
  • Towards a business model for your own smart product with connected digital services

A second edition takes place on 15 December 2020 in Zwijnaarde.

Target audience

This workshop is open to companies which build physical products and want to explore the possibility to move on to smart, connected products and digital servitisation. In the first place, it targets decision makers (CxO, product managers, R&D managers) who want to get a concrete image of how the expansion of their product with digital services will impact the company’s business model.

Please note that due to the interactive format of the workshop, the number of places is limited. If the number of available places is exceeded, a waiting list will be created.

Price and registration

The participation fee for this workshop is 575 EUR (including handouts).

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Flemish SMEs can make use of the KMO-portefeuille. Note that the KMO-portefeuille must be requested at the latest 14 calendar days after the training day. Sirris accreditation number: DV.O105154.
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The working language of this workshop is English. 

This workshop is part of the Living Lab Digital Servitisation to support companies in the development of digital servitisation proof-of-concepts within their own product context.


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