Inspiration Workshop about Digital Servitisation

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The revenue model of digital servitisation, in which physical products are enhanced with digital services, offers product builders a range of new possibilities, but also presents new challenges.

The aim of this inspiration workshop is to give companies the necessary insights into the what, why and how of digital servitisation and to help them get started. We do this according to the ‘How was it made’ principle. We analyse an existing proof-of-conceptand explain each of the building blocks, as well as the choices we made along the way to achieve this result. In addition to the technological aspects, we discuss the possible impact on the business model.


  • Digital servitisation: what and why?
  • How was it made - rapid prototyping of a smart connected vacuum cleaner: architecture and technological building blocks: 
    • Sensor system
    • Connectivity
    • Data processing and analysis
    • Edge and cloud computing
  • Impact on the business model
  • Towards a proof-of-concept of your own smart, connected product

Target audience

This inspiration workshop is open to businesses which build physical products and want to explore the possibility to move on to smart, connected products and digital servitisation. We do not only address product managers, R&D managers and R&D engineers who want to get a concrete image of what it involves to expand their product with digital services.

Please note: The places available for this inspiration workshop is limited.

Price and registration

Participation is free, but registration is required.

Registation is possible via this link


Sirris, Gaston Geenslaan 8, 3001 Heverlee

This workshop is part of the Testing ground Digital Servitisation to support companies in the development of digital servitisation proof-of-concepts within their own product context.