EluciDATA Tech Talk: The relevance of data security and data privacy in an industrial context

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While more and more companies are focusing on how to use Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning on product data in order to improve production processes, optimize energy consumption, predict future sales, analyze how their product is used in the field… data security and data privacy are often taken into consideration at a later step. 

In manufacturing, the malicious release of production data can for example give competitors insights about a product and how it was produced. In the energy sector, compromising a customer’s smart meter could allow an attacker to alter the customer's reported consumption or even shut down the customer’s energy supply. In logistics, the data is often shared between the different actors along the value chain and a secure environment will ensure that all of them agree to share their data. 

To highlight the importance of data security and data privacy to our EluciDATA Community Members, we are focusing this year’s EluciDATA Tech Talk on data privacy and data security.The Tech Talks are yearly events focusing on one aspect of the industrial deployment of data innovation and AI.

During this year's event, you will: 

  • learn about the importance of data security and data privacy in an industrial context;
  • discuss the challenges related to data security and data privacy via real-world use cases;
  • get informed about some existing approaches and technologies that ensure data security and data privacy;
  • have the opportunity to get in touch and ask your questions to experts;
  • network with peers.


13:00 : Welcome & Introduction by Sirris

13:30 : Keynote: Antoine Garnier, International Data Spaces Association

  • Title: The importance of data governance for business organizations

    Abstract: Data governance is an essential part to ensure a thriving data economy. Concepts such as data sovereignty, trusted stakeholders or unlimited interoperability are underpinning such a notion. Along with their technical enforcement, we will try to explain why those concepts have become important for any business organization.

14:00: Data security and data privacy in an industrial context

  1. Title: Fooling Smart Machines: Security Challenges for Machine Learning,  Joppe Bos, NXP

    Abstract: The applications of machine learning seem to be endless. In the Internet of Things era this has the capability to transform how we interact with machines. Examples include autonomous driving, ordering products with simple voice commands and authentication using your face. However, when the machine learning and internet of things combination grows mature so do the attacks against machine learning systems: an attacker can try to steal the machine learning models, circumvent the authentication mechanisms or do physical harm to the user. In this presentation I will show that it is trivial to mount attacks against machine learning models. Finally, we will outline the consequences and present some of the techniques which can harden against such attacks. With the deployment of machine learning into our everyday life we need to be aware of the security and privacy implications and start to apply the security-by-design paradigm to make these smart machines more robust against practical attacks.

  2. Title: Detecting security anomalies in energy communities through machine learning on the edge, Sirris

    Abstract: Connected smart electricity meters open the door to new attack vectors on the grid such as diverting a meter’s computational resources to other purposes or altering the meter values. In addition, the presence of prosumers makes it even more critical to detect abnormal electricity consumption, as in this setting balancing demand and supply becomes increasingly challenging. In this talk we will present the approach that we follow to detect such security anomalies in the context of the European SunRISE project, in which Engie Laborelec, NXP and Sirris join forces.

15:00 : Ask your questions to the experts & networking

16:00: End

Due to COVID-19, this event will be an online event.

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