EluciDATA Tech Talk 2022: AI for optimisation of industrial processes

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More and more companies wonder how to use Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to improve the quality of their products, to have an optimal use of resources, and to forecast possible problems during their production cycles. However, they often do not know where to start, and lack a realistic overview of the challenges that lie ahead and of the data that could be useful for tackling those challenges.

To inspire, encourage and give a thorough overview of the current state of the art on the use of AI for optimizing industrial processes to our EluciDATA Community Members, we invited for this year’s EluciDATA Tech Talk Dr. Carlos Garcia from IMR (Irish Manufacturing Research), who will give an inspirational keynote. In addition, real-world use case examples will also be showcased by some of our industrial partners.


12:00 Welcome lunch

13:00 AI in manufacturing: the perspective of a Digital Innovation Hub - Dr. Carlos Garcia, Irish Manufacturing Research

  • There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence will play a prominent role in all kinds of industrial operations in the future. There are already quite a few AI applications running in the industry, some more successful than others. In this talk, we'll look at several of those applications in real-world manufacturing and discuss some important points to keep in mind when considering embarking on an AI project

13:30 AI interpreting of logging files: what could go wrong? - Jurgen Devlieghere, Xeikon

13:50 A Data-Driven Methodology for Monitoring the Manufacturing Process - Reinert Verstraete, ScioTeq

14:10 Q&A

14:15 Break

14:45 Using data-driven divide-and-conquer methods for accurate build-time estimation for Additive Manufacturing  - Materialise & Sirris

15:15 Unsupervised AI methods for optimizing tool replacement in an industrial setting (SABCA use case) - Sirris

15:35 Expert talks:

  • AI based process improvement cases in the chemical industry - Pascal Bejstrup, The Grain
  • AI-based optimisation of production in paper and power industries - Jan Verhasselt, Yazzoom
  • PEPITe

16:15 Concluding remarks

16:30 Networking reception


Sirris, MRC Gent, Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 48, 9052 Zwijnaarde

Conditions & Price

If you are interested in becoming a member of the EluciDATA Community and/or attending this event, please contact us as elucidatalab@sirris.be