The challenges and opportunities of data sharing across complex industrial value chains

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Data can be a real game changer for companies, but data sharing in an industrial context is complicated. Especially in sectors where complex value chains are in place, access to data is not always possible for every stakeholder. In order to support companies in identifying and overcoming the existing obstacles, Sirris is organising a seminar aiming at showing the potential of data sharing to enhance industrial innovation. (seminar is in English)

Next to enabling new data-driven business models, data allows one to acquire new insights to optimise production processes, predict machine failure, profile product usage or set up data-oriented start-ups. However, having access to data and/or collecting it might not always be trivial, and one of the main obstacles to further advance in regard to data-driven innovation remains data sharing. 

In many situations, not every party in the value chain has access to the data or has the right to exploit the data, and therefore cannot make an intelligent use of this data. In order to support companies in identifying and overcoming these obstacles, Sirris is organising a seminar aiming at showing the potential of data sharing to enhance industrial innovation, in the context of the EluciDATA and OWOME initiatives. Read more about the context of the seminar on our blog.

This seminar aims to provide an answer to the following questions through firsthand testimonials by companies across several sectors: 

  • What are the major technological, legal and business challenges related to data sharing?
  • How are these challenges addressed in different application domains (e.g. energy)?
  • What is the potential for new technologies as for example blockchain in this domain? 


13:00 : Welcome coffee and registration

13:30 : Setting the context - Tom Tourwé (EluciDATA Innovation Lab)

• Why is sharing data beneficial and the sensible thing to do?
• What are the risks, uncertainties and challenges related to sharing data?
• What can we learn from different domains about how to approach data sharing?

13:50 : Testimonials:

  • WheatData: a digitalised value chain from wheat till bakery product? - Timothy Lefeber (Flanders' FOOD)
    • Can we predict food quality in the future?
    • Do we need new insights? Or which current dataset can we use?
    • Is there enough trust to share data across the value chains?
  • SPARTA – a success story in data sharing for the wind industry – Steve Ross(CATAPULT Offshore Renewable Energy)
    • Understanding and overcoming the fear of sharing in the energy business
    • SPARTA and WEBS creating a business benefit in a shared environment
    • The future – where big data analytics can push wider sharing and involvement
  • Nallian - Alex Driesen
    • Data Sharing to enable Multi-Enterprise Collaborative Applications: Virtually integrating fragmented value networks, solving inefficiencies that no company can solve on its own. An open yet controlled approach.

14:50 : Coffee break and networking

15:30 : Data sharing & data ownership: Reality and loopholes - Benoit Van Asbroeck (Bird & Bird LLP)
• Can the current legal framework sufficiently protect data?
• Should the EU legislator regulate data ownership?
• How are some of the loopholes currently solved in practice?

15:50 : Panel discussion moderated by Sirris with all the speakers

16:20 : Networking reception 

18:00 : End

Target audience 

This seminar is open to any company that is interested in data sharing. No technical background is required for participation to this seminar.  


  • 100 euro (VAT excluded) per participant per organisation
  • EluciDATA user group members, OWOME user group members and IBN Offshore Energie user group members can participate for free. 

If you are a Flemish SME you can also make use of the KMO-portefeuille (the KMO-portefeuille should be requested at latest 14 days after the course has taken place).  (Erkenningsnr. Sirris: DV.O105154). Please note that if you do not apply in time your request will be declined. 

For more information, please visit or contact us (  

Our general terms and conditions for cancellation

Any cancellation has to be made by e-mail ( If the cancellation is made less than 3 business days before the start of the event, 50% of the participation fee will be charged (+VAT). After this deadline, the full amount of the registration will be due. In case of "no-show" the full amount of the registration fee is due too. Replacement by a colleague is always possible if notified in advance by e-mail to


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