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Mission & advantages

The EluciDATA Lab aims at bringing together a dedicated community of research and industrial partners and other stakeholders with a shared interest in data innovation and AI. Actively participating in the EluciDATA Community allows you to network with peers, to stay up-to-date with emerging technology trends and R&D projects, and to get privileged access to its two annual community events: 

  • an innovation brokerage: offering the opportunity for networking, learning about or pitching new R&D initiatives, forming new R&D partnerships and following keynote presentations on emerging technology trends;
  • an expert technology forum: addressing relevant aspects of industrial deployment of data innovation and AI, showcasing recent success stories and realised proof-of-concepts on real-world use cases, and exchanging technological know-how and business insights with peers.


  • Non-Sirris member company: 275 EUR (yearly fee - can be stopped at any time, but will only take effect the year after)
  • Sirris member company: for free

Interested in becoming a member of the EluciDATA Community? Contact us via elucidatalab@sirris.be

Already supporting & involved in the community

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