Unravelling and accelerating data innovation within industry (EluciDATA)

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Industrial demonstrators, data innovation, entity profiling and recommendation, predictive analytics and forecasting

Project description

Data overloads almost all sectors of our economy, due to which it is often referred to as the data(-driven) economy. While data is increasingly available, the technology to exploit data is becoming more mature, and opportunities created by data are manifold, its potential is still underutilized in most companies. Therefore, in 2014 Sirris together with Agoria and DTAI initiated the EluciDATA project. It was a technology transfer project with the aim to stimulate uptake of data innovation in industry. It focused on three industrial challenges:

  • Being aware of the potential of data innovation by making it tangible and by translating well-known success stories in the specific context of a company.
  • Being able to realize data innovation by taking into account technological, organizational, economical & societal issues.
  • Being able to deal with a fast-evolving international market by scouting international trends and evolutions & focusing on important needs and challenges.

Together with the members of the user group, Sirris developed several industrial demonstrators (including representative use cases, a reference architecture, and starter kits consisting of working prototype code), around two key data innovation challenges: entity profiling and recommendation, and predictive analytics and forecasting.

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Project details

September 2014 - August 2018

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