Unobtrusive wearable solutions for health and sports applications (CareWare)

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Wearable intelligence, electronic textiles, patient monitoring, event processing

Project description

Most technology branded as wearable that hits the market today is still in the form of dedicated electronic devices that users need to consciously wear. Well after the wave of enthusiasm following the launch of the first fitness trackers, smartwatches and smart glasses, new wearables are rarely unobtrusive and comfortable enough for being worn for prolonged periods of time. The CareWare project aimed at using electronic textiles to make a step towards fully unobtrusive wearable solutions suited for health and sports applications.

CareWare was an ITEA R&D project which featured partners from the textiles, electronics and ICT domains from three countries, i.e. France, Lithuania and Belgium. The Belgian partners focused on the health domain and more specifically on the realization of proof-of-concept solutions for unobtrusive, non-stigmatizing and comfortable patient monitoring. This was done within a use case with the objective to support nurses in a care institution in the follow-up of the evolution of patients towards becoming more active again after an intervention such as a knee replacement surgery.

Our group was one of the initiators of that project and its main contribution was to design and build a proof-of-concept nurse dashboard and alerting system to collect data from a heterogeneous set of wearable and environmental sensors, extract from this data analytics about the monitored user, present these analytics in a nurse dashboard, and raise an alert when a potentially dangerous situation requiring the intervention of a nurse is detected or requested.



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January 2015 - January 2018

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Projet subsidié par la Region de Bruxelles-Capital - Innoviris/project gesubsidieerd door het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk (Project subsidised by the Brussels Capital Region - Innoviris):

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