Key Take Away Messages

Key Take Away Messages

Congratulations! You completed the tutorial accompanying the AI Starter Kit on data exploration.

In this Starter Kit we have demonstrated how appropriate statistical and visualisation techniques can help a data scientist in discovering interesting patterns and gathering insights without applying any complex algorithm.

We demonstrated how to explore a dataset by starting from a univariate analysis by means of which we could already get a clear view on who Pronto’s customers are with respect to age and gender, where they like to go, and for how long the single bikes are usually in use. By subsequently adding more information and combining different variables, we were able to reveal relationships between gender and most frequently visited stations but also how the bikes are used for different purposes, like a strong commuter’s pattern during the week and recreational usage on the weekends. Finally, via a multivariate analysis, we figured out how the elevation influences the biking behaviour. By introducing a cost to the single trips, we could explain why at some stations more bike trips are started while at other stations, more bike trips end.

By applying comparably easy visualisations sometimes more insights can be gathered than by applying a sophisticated machine learning model.

We thank you for completing this video series and hope to welcome you in another AI Starter Kit tutorial.

Authors: EluciDATA Lab

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