Closing of CONSCIOUS project

Friday June 21st, we successfully concluded the VLAIO AI-ICON project CONSCIOUS with a public closing event at Skyline Park. As project coordinator, the EluciDATALab of Sirris reflects on an incredible three-year journey exploring the critical role of contextual information in detecting anomalies in complex industrial systems.

Our mission was to identify rare events, i.e. anomalies within defined contexts (e.g. operating modes, environmental condition, type of production, time, …) across various industrial settings, including working with industrial machinery in partnership with ICare & Engie, networked assets with Skyline Communications, and manufacturing processes with The Duracell Company. Keeping the human in the loop was crucial, ensuring that our domain experts and AI models cooperated well.

We extend our gratitude to our research partners—Sirris, KU Leuven’s DTAI, the University of Antwerp, and Yazzoom—for their groundbreaking work in developing new methodologies and tools. Special thanks to VLAIO for their support, Skyline Communications for hosting our closing event, and all our consortium partners for their dedication and collaboration.

Authors: EluciDATA Lab

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